Defending You with Integrity and Tenacity

We get it. No one seeks out a criminal defense attorney when everything is going great. But when you need legal help, you deserve to have the best team possible on your side. From shoplifting to assault, we can defend it all with confidence and authority.

Drake & Barrier, An Association of Attorneys, is not a cookie-cutter law firm that speaks in legalese and uses a one-size-fits-all method. We are down-to-earth, straightforward lawyers with nearly five decades of experience among us. Our clients trust us to speak plainly and honestly while relentlessly defending them.

We are on your side to protect your constitutional rights at every turn when you’re in need. Our team develops a sound legal strategy to bring you the best outcome possible for your unique situation.

criminal defense

Is It Time for an Attorney?

Whether you’re facing an accusation or just suspicion of a crime, it’s time to talk with a lawyer. You have rights that need protection, and connecting with an attorney quickly can help eliminate further problems. Even if no arrest has taken place yet, you need to protect yourself. Our team can be with you from the initial investigation all the way through trial if needed.

The law is on your side since you are innocent until proven guilty. But it’s crucial to take advantage of this fact by getting excellent legal representation right away. Drake & Barrier is the go-to criminal defense attorney team in Murfreesboro, TN, and surrounding areas.

Criminal Defense Is Your Right To Have and Our Privilege To Provide

No matter your circumstances, you are first and foremost a human with rights and dignity. Our team treats you with the respect this demands. We spend time digging into the details of your case to craft a strategic defense that gives you the best chance of resolving it successfully.

We are calm and supportive when we meet to discuss the case, and then we are aggressive and tenacious when we defend you in court. Even though we know that you wish you didn’t need us, we’re here to help. 

We live and work in the Murfreesboro community and want to be of service. Our clients also come to us from surrounding communities to seek top-notch legal help delivered with compassion.